2013 Recipe Box

Here is a lovely list of my top 22 budget, but not waist, friendly recipes of 2013. I have tried and enjoyed each one thoroughly, and I hope you find one or several to conjure up for a superb and easy-to-make meal. Bon Appetite!

Recipe #1

This is a wonderful starter meal if you have never made quinoa before. It’s a classic because it is fairly simple to make, and filled with protein and essential minerals. This recipe compliments well with a side of tortillas and homemade pico de gallo (Recipe #13).


Recipe #2:

Mmmm spaghetti squash.  I bought some spaghetti squash at the Bloomington winter’s farmers’ market. It was really good! It reminded me of pasta noodles, but with a lighter taste. Was a good, light meal.

Recipe #3:

Made homemade chili with quinoa. Ingredients included: red kidney beans, quinoa, can of diced tomatoes, cilantro, cumin seed, and chili seasoning mix. For a side, I made a side salad consisting of arugula,  boston & bibb with mozzarella, sesame & ginger dressing, and greek peppers. It was a filling meal, with a spicy aftertaste.


Recipe #4:

Made swiss chard with toasted breadcrumbs. It was delicious. 

Note: swiss chard has a stronger plant taste, but the breadcrumbs (panko crumbs) neutralize this, especially after adding a couple garlic cloves. Nice lunch or dinner side option.

Recipe #5:

Tried a type of yogurt. Give it a go!

Recipe #6:

Caramelized apples. Yum!

Recipe #7:

Basked some berry pie and it was berry good (horrible pun, but I bet it made you grin)!


Recipe #8:

Decided to make Vodka Sauce along with whole wheat pasta and it was alright. I added too much Vodka (1 cup) to the sauce and the flavor was a little bland. So, don’t skimp on the seasoning and use less Vodka.

Recipe #9:

Baked tilapia with a little oregano and pepper, I then proceeded to make use of the last bit of long-grain brown rice I had on hand. So, I hydrated the rice and mixed it with sauteed garlic, ginger, green pepper, corn, pepper, and broccoli using sesame oil topped with a drizzle of orange sauce. It was mouthwatering and looked exactly how it tasted, delicious. FIRST TIME EVER USING A GINGER ROOT AND IT WAS SO AWESOME!

Recipe #10:

Made a sweet kale salad. 

Note: I recommend adding more vegetables to the mix.


Recipe #11:

Decided to make chickpea curry and it was great! I didn’t add the whole cloves, but did add some tomato. Good choice. After it was made I added fresh kale, which was a tasty addition.


Recipe #12:

Baked homemade key lime pie!

Note: I juiced the limes, which took a lot of time, and it made the tart flavor of the pie quite apparent.

Recipe #13:

Made fresh pico de gallo.

Note: I could have chopped the tomatoes and onions more finely. 

Recipe #14:

Made these delicious treats, and while the cocoa powder was nearly $9 when bought organic, these treats pack a powerful punch. Not only are they good for you in moderation, they satisfy a sweet tooth using only 5 ingredients. It is also a good vegan option for those of you that live a vegan lifestyle. The only issue was making sure they were done, which was a challenge since the cookies are already a dark shade when baking. Additionally, I sprinkled cinnamon and some all spice on top. This was a nice finish.

Note: Unfortunately, these cookies seemed to be a bit of a laxative for me. A price to pay I suppose.


Recipe #15:

I made strawberry shortcake because I had extra baking ingredients and quite a few fresh and frozen berries so naturally I thought, huh what could I possibly make? Then it hit me. BAM. What is a better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than homemade, good ole’ strawberry shortcake? It took me awhile to find a recipe that was reasonably healthy and without heavy cream. All in all, this is a fairly healthy treat and an American classic.

Note: I used these substitutions- almond milk instead of cows milk, local honey from the farmers market instead of whipped cream, and I didn’t add butter.


Recipe #16:

 I decided to try my hand at making chocolate chia pudding.

Note: I added some semi-sweet chocolate morsels and a hint of cinnamon and it was pretty delicious. Also, chia seeds are a superfood that are great for athletes because these tiny seeds absorb 9-12 times their weight in water, which makes you feel full and hydrated!

Recipe #17:

Overall, this recipe was fairly simple to make. It would have been a lot easier with a food processor but hand-smashing the sweet potatoes and chickpeas was an unexpected stress relief.  The burger was a little hard to keep together but the slightly sweet, yet savory taste makes this burger great. An ideal, budget friendly dinner perfect for grilling out on a summer night.


Recipe #18:

I have been eating a lot of pico de gallo (Recipe #13) and thought I would mix it up a bit, literally.

Recipe #19:

I am using fresh dill from my garden for this recipe. It is one of my favorites that I make regularly since it is to-go friendly.


Recipe #20:

I made my own version of granola by toasting crushed almonds, flax seeds, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, and all spice. This was a nice addition to greek yogurt. (Baked at 350 degrees).

Recipe #21:

I got back into the swing of things and created my own vegetarian white bean chili. I used only ingredients I had at my house and I was happy with what I came up with: I sauteed some garlic and onions. I put the beans (which I used because I bought the wrong ones, instead of garbanzo beans I bought cannellini beans) into a pot and added kale, corn, tomatoes, pepper, and cumin seed. Then added freshly cut onion and a clove of garlic and voilà, my own take of white bean chili. I love being resourceful. 


Recipe #22:

The reason I actually made this recipe is because I accidentally bruised a peach and didn’t want to dispose of it. So, I researched online and found this recipe for baked peach delight. The ingredients included cinnamon, a little butter, brown sugar, and a peach. How can you possibly go wrong?


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